Factor Fellowship

Application opens fall 2024!
The next round of applications open fall 2024!

The Factor Fellowship is a 16 week part-time fellowship hosted on evenings and weekends. Programming is created by top NYC startup leaders and VCs. Upon completing the program, you’ll be connected to a full-time role within a NYC high-growth startup.

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Who are Factor Fellows?

NYC-based career changers from diverse backgrounds looking to break into startups and become future founders, operators, investors, and executives.

Fellowship Details
  • 16 weeks, evenings and weekends
  • From September '24 to January '25
  • Training and mentorship from investors and founders
  • Skill development and career coaching
  • Membership in a fast-growing network of top talent
  • Direct access to jobs in venture-backed startups
Member Companies

Upon completing the program, you’ll be connected to full-time roles at high-growth NYC venture-backed startups



What does the application process entail?

The first round asks for your contact information, your resume, and your LinkedIn profile. We will also ask you to make two brief (less than 3m) videos in response to two question prompts.

The second round is an in-depth questionnaire, which will help us to better understand your interest in working in startups and your transferable skills. The third round is a 1:1 live interview with a Factor representative. For those who progress to the interview stage, we will also ask for two brief references from trusted members of your network.

The final interview is comprised of a working session followed by a panel presentation to a group of leading VCs and startup operators. Selected fellows and waitlisted individuals will be notified shortly after.

When is the next Factor Fellowship Cohort?

The next Factor Fellowship cohort is planned for early 2025, with applications opening in fall 2024.

How much does the Factor Fellowship Cost?

The Factor Fellowship is completely free for participants. The costs of delivery are offset by participating member companies and donations from VCs.

What is the time commitment of the Factor Fellowship?

The Factor Fellowship is a 16-week part-time program that requires participants to dedicate 4 to 6 hours per week to program activities.

When do the next round of applications open?

The next round of applications will open fall 2024.

How are partner companies and VCs involved in the Factor Fellowship?

The Factor Fellowship has been developed in close partnership with Primary Ventures and other top New York City-based VC firms and startups. Partner companies play a significant role in the program experience, from providing mentors and speakers to hosting events and hiring fellows directly from the program.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the Factor Fellowship?

The ultimate objective of the Factor Fellowship is to help fellows transition into roles within venture-backed startups. While graduating fellows are not guaranteed jobs at the end of the program, they will be given an incredible amount of support and access throughout and after the program to help them make that transition.

As a company, how do I access Factor Fellows?

Partner companies get priority access to hire graduating fellows via events, mentoring, and hosting opportunities. To learn more about becoming a partner company or to express interest in hiring Factor fellows, reach out to

How do I get involved as a Donor, Mentor, or Speaker?

We’re always looking for tech leaders willing to participate in and contribute to the Factor Fellowship experience. If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out to